1. I Know "DJ Domino G-Mix"

  2. Will He Will Or Will He Won't! Cosplay Stars Version

  3. Willie Will Or Willie Won't Kill Ladies (Jazzy Version By Thick Cut)

  4. Kwame's Dad Should Have Walked Away! By Tommy Sotomayor & Cosplay Stars Adventures

  5. Super Killer Willie Brown Theme Song (Concept)

  6. Say Goodnite To The Bad Guy By JK Madale

  7. You Want To Live Off Somebody Else's Laurels!
    Fiyah Sotomayor AKA Tommy Sotomayor

  8. Comin' And Goin' By Tommy Sotomayor - Thick Cut Productions

  9. Tommy Sotomayor: The YouTube Bastard

  10. I'm Still A G-Mix By DJ Domino

  11. That Kinda Nigga (Remix 2021) Produced By DJ Domino

  12. The Last Episode Of Friends!

  13. Lil Foots True Freeman: I Get So Lonely!

  14. Ole Cat-faced Dumb Azz

  15. Bout That Lyfe By Tommy Sotomayor

  16. Catface Classics: P-Nus Got Me Moaning! LOL

  17. Weak In The Cheeks Tyra's Gay Song !

  18. Fo Sheezy

  19. F*ck With Us!

  20. Its The D-O-Double-G

  21. Its Mr Madness Baby!!!

  22. Tommy Sotomayor's Book II (With Intro)

  23. This Is Book II (With No Intro)

  24. Funky Dog Headed B*tch (Snoop Vs Gayle King)

  25. You Don't Wanna See Me...

  26. You Know Me (No Introduction)

  27. I'm Still A G

  28. Not That Kind Of Nigga!

  29. This Is Book One

  30. I Dont Want Yo B*tch!

  31. Hate On Me

  32. F*ck Darius

  33. London Stalking And Twerkin

  34. I'm Crying Right Now! (I Made A Grown Man Cry)

  35. Beat "That F*ck Nigga Need Ta Die"

  36. "I Know" Plus More!

  37. Tyrese Ask: What More Do You Want From Me!

  38. Crying HoodRat Ring Tone

  39. Taxi Remix: The Hood Version

  40. Breakin News Nigga Ring Tone

  41. Breakin News Nigga (Instrumental)

  42. The Dick Jones Experience Pt 1
    Tommy Sotomayor

  43. I Bet I Punk 'Em

  44. That's Why

  45. Yep

  46. Im Tommy (Tommy Sotomayor's Theme Song)

  47. Dick Jones

  48. Back In The Race

  49. One Bitch (One Wish Parody)


Tommy "Fiya" Sotomayor Atlanta, Georgia

Tommy Sotomayor is a very outspoken internet personality and over the past few years has made his mark as one of the most controversial figures in media, but before this life he was big into music. This page brings you all of his music and some new music for you to enjoy. Please support the movement ... more

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